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Wildlife Travel Excursions in the Philippines

A photo of a tarsier that can only be found in Bohol, Philippines Learn more about the indigenous wildlife in the Philippines. | Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash

We have heard a lot about the Philippines, right? From its natural resources to the beautiful Filipino women, the qualities that make Filipinos stand out, and most of all, the top romantic spots where you can have your dates.

Well, what about the animal kingdom? Did you ever stop to consider that there might be animals that are only indigenous to the Philippines? Guess we’ll find out later on.

Filipino practices have been gradually changing over the past 200 years, especially since the country has been colonized by foreign nations like Spain, the United States of America, and Japan.

Filipino men and women all have unique beauties because of said colonizations. Not everyone finds a reason to dominate, some simply find a reason to love and reproduce.

Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte was elected, he encouraged Filipino citizens to introduce the Philippines’ natural resources as the country’s main attraction. Not only did the country gain a lot of attention with this, but it was also able to achieve an economic boom.

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, with Metro Manila as its capital city. But if you want to learn more than usual, we welcome you to this article that tackles wildlife travel excursions in the Philippines.

  1. Whale Shark
  2. We’ve all heard about the wonders of the deep blue in the Philippines, like the marine inhabitants, rich aquatic habitats, and amazing coral reefs. But have you heard of a fish called whale shark?

    Is it a whale or is it a shark? This type of fish species is also known as the largest shark, and is indeed the largest fish alive today. Are we talking about megalodon sharks? It must be super scary and dangerous. But don’t worry, whale sharks almost compare to the size of megalodon sharks, but they are known to be extinct 3.6 million years ago.

    Whale sharks may be sharks, but they are filter feeders. This means that they are not harmful to other animals and humans alike because their diets only consist of planktons, krills, and small fishes.

    They can only be found in the Philippines, and the main attraction for these sharks can be found in Oslob, which is a province of Cebu, the Queen City of the South.

    Even though whale sharks are slow-moving, they travel from place to place in order to find abundant food that can sustain their relatively large bodies.

  3. Philippine Eagle
  4. With no known close relatives, the Philippine eagle is one of the rarest and largest eagles in the world.

    It is a giant bird of prey with a wingspan of 184 to 220 centimeters that can only be found on four major islands of the Philippines: Eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao.

    It is also called the monkey-eating eagle or the great Philippine eagle.

    This eagle is a symbol of Filipino bravery and strength, and it is also the country’s national bird. Filipinos love to contrast their excelling qualities to animals that best describe them.

    There are many things to know about Filipino culture, and understanding their symbolism is one way to go. As such, try to learn more about the animals that best describe Filipino characteristics and qualities.

  5. Philippine Tarsier
  6. What sort of creature is this? The one that creepily stares at you as if it was secretly judging you?

    Say hello to your Philippine tree-hugger friend Tarsier. An interesting fact about the tarsier is that their eyes are as big as their brain, and since they are nocturnal animals, they have a keen sense of sight and hearing.

    Even though their eyes are so large, they can’t rotate them. Instead, they have a neck that rotates up to 180 degrees, and it works for them, just like owls.

    Despite the fact that fossils of tarsiers can be found all over the world, now they can only be found in Bohol, Philippines, and are rapidly disappearing.

  7. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant
  8. These birds are endemic to the island of Palawan in the Philippines. They are very shy, but they can adapt and breed well in captivity.

    They are considered to be the most beautiful species of peacock, and they inhabit the island’s humid, coastal low land and deep forests, which are also rapidly diminishing.

    Like any other species of birds, they have their own behaviors and patterns, as well as courtship displays. The male emits a long hissing sound, showing his strut while walking in circles around the female.

  9. Dugong
  10. Let us introduce you to the mermaids of the Philippines. The dugong is a species of sea cow which can be found in warm, shallow coastal waters of the Indian and Western Pacific Ocean where sea grasses are abundant.

    These enormous vegetarians are more closely related to elephants than to other marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. They are cousins of manatees and are similar in appearance and behavior. They are also known as the pigs of the sea.

    Unlike manatees, dugongs never enter freshwater, therefore, they are exclusively the only marine mammals that are herbivorous.

  11. Tamaraw
  12. We are not talking about Toyota cars. We are talking about an animal that can only be found in the Philippines. The tamaraw, also known as the Mindoro dwarf buffalo, is a small hoofed mammal and the only endemic Philippine bovine.

    Contrary to popular Filipino values and beliefs, the tamaraw is not related to local carabaos. It has a lot of distinguishing characteristics like being hairier and having light markings on the face and shorter V-shaped horns.

    It is the second largest native terrestrial mammal in the country next to the carabao.

More Helpful Information

All of the animals listed above are now tagged as endangered species. These exotic animals, which are endemic only in the Philippines, are considered rare and in constant surveillance and protection.

They are the pride of the Filipinos as well as the promoting factor of the economic sustenance of the country. Whenever you visit famous animal attractions in the Philippines, you are not only paying for knowledge, entertainment, and leisure, but you are also helping the economy, as well as the charges for taking extra care of these animals.

Are you willing to go the extra mile to help save these poor animals? If so, visit the Philippines and see these rare animals up close.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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