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Meet beautiful Filipino brides. Filipino brides are among the world’s most sought after women. Get a chance to meet them up close and personal.

Filipino brides. What else is there to say? Aside from being the most sought-after brides, Filipino brides are also among the most beautiful women in the world. With a beauty that is uniquely Asian, Western, and European at the same time, what else can you ask for?

Due to their rich and colorful history and culture, the beauty of Filipino women is a mix of different races. While some inherited the pointed noses of Spanish people, others have shorter noses that are distinctly East Asian.

Skin color is also varied. Filipinos from ancient times normally have brownish, fair skin. With the introduction of different cultures, skin color ranging from dark to light have become normal among Filipino descendants.

Filipino women stand at an average height of 5 feet and 3 inches. Many Western men find this petite stature attractive, being a rare characteristic of women in the west.

But what makes Filipino brides the most sought-after women in the world is their ideal traits. Filipino women are meek, reserved, family oriented, loyal, loving, and happy people. These traits are what most men are looking for in a bride as these qualities make up for a perfect wife.

Qualities that Make Filipino Women More Preferable for Marriage

The Philippines, despite being a small country, is home to more than a hundred million Filipinos. Roughly half of that number is the number of beautiful Filipino women in the country. Quite a lot, right? But due to the proximity of the Philippines to Western countries, your dream of being able to date a Filipino woman is close to impossible.

With our services, however, that dream may just come true! With a click of a button, the perfect Filipino bride can be within your reach. If you are still having second thoughts about dating a Filipino woman or you do not know how to get a Filipino bride, then here are more reasons for you to make up your mind:

  • Filipino women are meek and submissive.
  • Having a submissive wife may just be a dream for most Western men as Western brides are fairly domineering and aggressive. Western women have come to adapt masculinity as part of being a woman. Filipinas, on the other hand, are content with playing the role of a wife.

  • Filipinas are family oriented.
  • Filipinos around the world are known to be very family oriented. It is common for Filipino families to be very tightly knit. Extended family members are welcome to stay even when they already have families of their own. While some Westerners may find this practice odd, there are advantages to having extended family members around. For one, the fun never stops. Filipinos are happy people and with an entire family of Filipinos around, there will never be a dull moment. Another advantage is that family members can always lend a helping hand, especially when it comes to looking after the kids. No babysitter is more dependable than those that are family.

  • They are responsible wives.
  • Filipino women are very hardworking. They always aim to please their husbands so as to create a positive family environment. Whether it is financial, household, or emotional responsibility, Filipino women are always up for the challenge.

  • Perfect homemakers.
  • The best thing about having a Filipino bride is that they are very good homemakers. With one, you will never have to worry about keeping your home clean and tidy as Filipinas are naturally very neat. They will wake up as early as possible to start the day, cook for you, and clean the house. The pampering you will get from these lovely young ladies is worth all the trouble of finding and dating one.

  • Loving and loyal.
  • Because Filipinos value family the most, it is only natural that Filipino wives are loyal and loving. Once they get attached to you, they will stay with you through good times and bad. These women are also strong and resilient.

All these qualities and more make up for the best brides in the world. This is why most foreign men are willing to go through any trouble just to find the perfect Filipino bride.

Filipino Brides versus Western Brides

Though the Philippines has become heavily westernized throughout the years, Filipino women of today still bear the traits and characteristics that Filipino women have had for centuries before the western world even came to the country.

Western brides are also known to be very beautiful and stunning. So what makes Filipino brides more preferable than western ones?

  • Filipino brides are strong, resilient, and loyal.
  • Unlike most western brides, Filipino brides will move heaven and earth to keep the family together for as long as possible. While western brides will opt for divorce when things go sour, Filipinas do their best to make things better and fix their family. After all, they consider family as a very important part of their lives.

  • Filipinas are more confidently feminine.
  • Filipino women are not afraid to play the role of a wife. As strong and tough as Filipino women are, they understand that in a family, the role of a wife is just as important as the role a husband plays. She is not afraid of doing household chores, nurturing the family, and taking care of everyone. Western women may find this unappealing as household work are normally done by helpers in more developed countries. This makes Western brides less dependable than Filipino brides.

  • Filipina brides are committed.
  • Younger Western brides are known to be more happy-go-lucky than most younger Filipino brides. This makes Western women more susceptible to infidelity. Filipino brides, on the other hand, once married, commit themselves to only one man—their husband.

Different Filipino Wedding Traditions

The Philippines, having been under the control of different countries in the past, have wedding traditions that have been influenced by a mixture of different cultures. One thing is for sure though, a wedding in the Philippines is one heck of an event. It is more of a festival than anything.

Here are some wedding traditions that are still being practiced by Filipinos today:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette party.
  • This tradition has been influenced by the West. In this tradition, the soon-to-be husband’s friends, traditionally headed by the best man, celebrates the groom’s last night as a single man. The bachelorette party is the bride’s version of the tradition.

  • Veil, arras, and cord.
  • These three items are essential in every Filipino wedding. The veil covers the bride’s face from the beginning of the ceremony so that the groom will not be able to see the bride’s face. During the ceremony, the groom then opens the veil, revealing the beauty of his bride. The arras, or the unity coins, symbolize prosperity and good fortune for the newlyweds. The cord, which is used during the ceremony, symbolizes the bond that will keep the family together through thick and thin.

  • Tossing of rice.
  • After the wedding ceremony, when the newlyweds exit the venue, family members usually toss rice at them as they walk past. This symbolizes rain and is said to be a blessing for prosperity and good fortune.

  • Tossing the bouquet.
  • During the reception, the bridesmaids gather while the bride has her back toward them. The bride then throws her bouquet toward the bridesmaids and it is said that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next one to be married.

As odd or uncommon as some wedding traditions are in the Philippines, it is a fact that these traditions only help the wedding become more festive and enjoyable. While you are not forced to follow all the wedding traditions, it is only right to respect Filipino wedding traditions.

To learn more about Filipino culture and its traditions, don’t hesitate to join us and sign up for FREE now. Our experts will help you find that perfect Filipino bride, every step of the way. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our top-notch services today!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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