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Dating in the Philippines | The Philippine Dating Culture

Experience the best of Filipino dating culture. Learn more about the dating culture of the Philippines.

What is dating?

Dating is an important part of marriage. Yes, marriage. Most happy marriages stem from a happy and positive dating life. Courtship is a means for two people to understand and get to know each other better—whether positive or negative—and be able to accept them for who they are. Because let’s face it, marriage is supposed to be a permanent union between husband and wife.

It is a known fact that dating is a part of every culture anywhere in the world. The Philippine dating culture is no exception, though it has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The country’s culture and religion play a big part in dating and marriage. The Philippines, being a hugely Catholic country, practice a more conservative form of dating. People from the more liberated western countries may find this dating culture a bit weird. But hey, that’s what makes the Filipino dating culture unique.

For instance, while public displays of affection is widely accepted in most western countries, the same is frowned upon in the Philippines. The reason being, as Catholics, Filipino women are expected to be wholesome and reserved. Though, as the times changed, some of these acts of affection have become somewhat accepted in the Philippines, so long as it is not used excessively.

One such gesture is the act of holding hands. In the early days, holding hands in public was discouraged. Instead, couples usually lock their arms together when they are out in public together, which was considered a more formal way of showing affection. Nowadays, however, the act of holding hands has become prevalent especially among the younger generations. It is now normal to see couples holding hands in public than it was decades ago.

In the Philippines, dating is not only a two-person affair but rather a family event where the whole family gets a say in just about anything. Dating a Filipina basically means dating her whole family as well. And it’s not just her parents and siblings; most of the time, even the extended family has a say in her love life—including her aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other relatives.

This may be a shocker for some, but in reality, this system of dating only shows how much Filipinos love their family and how tightly knit they are. There’s really no need to worry, for as long as the family sees that you are serious about her and you show them that you care about her, you’ll easily win their hearts and affection. And when they do, you’ll be amazed at how easily you have become part of their family from being a total stranger.

Dating Tips

If you are still having second thoughts and cold feet when it comes to dating the perfect Filipino woman, we’ll share our dating tips with you to boost your confidence.

Here is a guide that covers both traditional and modern dating culture:

  • Respect
  • Respect is the most important foundation when you are planning on starting your own family. Whether it is respect for family, religion, or culture, it should be practiced without hesitation.

    • Respect for family
    • There are many ways to show respect to a Filipino woman’s family. One such way is by asking permission from the parents when you are going to take their daughter out on a date. As mentioned earlier, Filipino dating is not just between you and her. Also, it is better to tell them where you are taking their daughter for the date. Filipinos are known to be very protective of their family and will want to know where their daughter is at any given time.

    • Respect for religion
    • More than 80% of Filipinos are Catholics. However, no matter what their religion is, always show respect to their beliefs. Limiting your public displays of affection is one way to respect religion. As a conservative and reserved Catholic, excessive forms of public displays of affection are a no-no.

    • Respect for culture
    • It is always good practice to read up and do a little research on Philippine culture before dating a Filipino woman for you to know certain dos and don’ts. For instance, pamamanhikan or pamalae is considered an important part of dating and marriage for most Filipinos. It is the act of asking the woman’s family for their blessings and permission to court and eventually marry their daughter. When doing so, the man usually brings his family to the woman’s home as well. Filipinos consider family as a very important core of society that they should be present in such an important event. Mano, or kissing the hand of elders (usually not kissing, but taking the hand and placing the back of the hand on your forehead), is also an important part of Filipino culture that you may want to practice.

  • Family first
  • Filipinos are very family-centric and are mostly tightly knit, with extended families living together under one roof or in a different house on the same compound. Since family is very important to Filipinos, it is only right that you treat them as such yourself. Going out to bond with the family is a great way to earn their trust and affection.

  • Be a gentleman
  • While this is a no-brainer, most men still forget that chivalry still exists. Even the littlest of gestures can make a difference to a woman’s eyes. She’ll see you as a respectful and disciplined person who wants nothing more than to make her happy and make her feel safe. Open doors for her, or offer her a seat before you sit down. These are acts of being a gentleman that most men have already forgotten to practice.

Date Ideas in the Philippines

The purpose of dating is to make a connection between you and your date, and of course, to get to know each other better. But does a date really have to be the same-old practice of going out to eat? Well, the answer is no. With everything that the Philippines has to offer, you can take your dating game up a notch and do something out of the ordinary.

Below are some dating ideas that you may want to try while on your visit to the Philippines:

  • Stroll along the beach
  • Who says dating is only about food and drinks? A great date depends on the mood, and what’s the best place to lighten the mood than the beach? The picturesque beaches of the Philippines will surely set the mood for the perfect date. Sharing a conversation while enjoying the pristine waters is never a bad idea.

  • Ride a horse-drawn carriage
  • In many parts of the Philippines, horse-drawn carriages still roam the streets. There is an effervescent feeling when you ride something that is not so common. A romantic date through the corners of town is definitely a plus.

  • Go karaoke!
  • If you didn’t know already, karaoke is considered as the national pastime in the Philippines. You need not have a beautiful singing voice. As long as you play along, belting it out with just about any song will make any date memorable.

  • Sweat together
  • If you are a gym buff, working out with your Filipina date is a great idea. While most Filipino women don’t have enough time to spend on working out, they’ll gladly follow if you lead them on. The couple that sweats together, gets buff together.

There are more than a million ways to spend your date in the Philippines. No matter how you spend your date, it is important to note that at the end of the day, what’s more important is that both you and your date will learn something from each other, thus creating a bond that will become your foundation toward marriage.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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