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What Filipinas Want

Filipina It can be quite difficult to meet the expectations of Filipinas. But if you manage to secure a date, she might be onto you.

Did you ever wonder what’s going on inside your Filipina girlfriend when you see her thinking deeply?

There’s nothing wrong with being curious about that, because this pretty Filipino woman has a lot more on her mind than you might think.

Although Filipinas are tight lipped when it comes to what they look for in a partner, they aren’t shallow contrary to what most people say.

Perhaps you’ve seen a Filipino dating a few other western men like you and some people assume the worst. But you know better than to think lowly like them.

There is nothing wrong with a Filipina dating a foreigner. There is so much more to Filipinas than their stereotypes. These are just normal people who are trying to find a better life; they’re not out to rob you.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if she genuinely likes you. Her mind is an intriguing puzzle that you haven’t figured out. You may ask, “Why me?” from time to time.

You’re the kind of man she wants as her partner — you possess the qualities she’s looking for.

But what exactly does she like about you? Perhaps it would be better to ask, what exactly do you have that she wants?


It doesn’t matter what. If it is positively stable, though, why not? This could be a stable income, a stable health, or a stable relationship.

Filipinas long to live a life free of debt and basic necessities. It is completely reasonable to believe that they would want a man who can provide—It’s only normal that they want someone who can take care of themselves.

The Philippines is a developing country. While there are a few well-off and comfortable families here and there, the majority live in households with low income.

That isn’t to say that all Filipinas are gold diggers. Any Filipino woman will leap at the chance to have a better future.

peso Filipinas are practical people — it’s only given for them to desire a man who is financially stable.

They always think about the next step. It is understood that marriage will eventually be discussed, but she knows before she says “I do” that she needs to ensure her new husband is capable of meeting her future family’s needs.

Filipinas are aware of their positions and duties. They’re dependable and nurturing, which is why most western men are drawn to them.

They are capable of meeting their own needs, but finding a financially secure partner will be much more beneficial to Filipinas.

It is important for her to have a dependable partner.


If she’s going to spend the rest of her life with a guy, he has to be someone she would imagine herself with in 30 years.

Filipinas aren’t as easily lured by love’s beautiful melodies. When it comes to love, they’re actually very grounded.

According to psychology, we are drawn to people that have personalities and tastes that are close to ours. We imitate the people we admire because we appear more appealing to them.

Let’s face it, romance wouldn’t be nearly as good if you didn’t share any interests. The fact that you and your girlfriend get excited over movies is no sign — it’s a freaking billboard.

Of course, you’ll have differences, much as in any other relationship.

She is well aware that this will lead to conflict in relationships. That is why she chose you, a man who is the most like her.

A Filipina has her own approach to problems. She might be able to make certain adjustments, but trying to mature out of several of her routines would undoubtedly annoy her.

Filipinas have a good sense of self-identity, much like her. She can be very obstinate once she has made up her mind. Persuading her can be difficult.

She is happy to have found her match, and that means there are more similarities than differences between you two.

Good Morals and Values

If there was something Filipinas could care less about, it’s good looks.

Being the wealthiest man on the planet is meaningless if he has no respect for women. If that’s the case, he should say goodbye to any potential relationships.

Most Filipinas agree that a man’s good nature trumps all other positive attributes. Being raised in a predominantly Catholic culture, it’s only given for them to look at a man’s character over his material possessions.

It’s fun to gaze at a guy with attractive physical characteristics every now and then; there’s nothing more to it than that. A six-pack abs and a pretty face won’t make a guy have the wit to entice her into a relationship.

What’s the point of a handsome face if the personality doesn’t match?

peso Wet markets in the Philippines aren’t the most attractive of places. But shopping with her here will surely earn you some brownie points.

It’s no secret that attractive men can be a tad conceited. You’re not conceited at the very least to her eyes.

Good Grooming and Personal Hygiene

“Didn’t you just mention that Filipinas don’t always like men for their good looks?” you might be wondering.

They don’t, in fact. Being physically attractive does not necessarily mean having good hygiene.

A man who does not maintain good hygiene is unattractive. It doesn’t matter if he’s the most gorgeous guy on the planet if he doesn’t shower. Nobody wants to be in the company of a guy who stinks like a dumpster.

For most Filipinas, that is an automatic turn-off.

Filipinas prefer a well-groomed man. Most of them lean toward Korean men these days for makeup, skincare, and clothes since they really know what they’re doing.

Even though you are not the most handsome guy around, you still look good because you groom yourself. You are highly attractive to your partner because of your presentable appearance. Just thinking about it will make your partner swoon.

Dating a Filipina is a worthwhile experience.

Given the fact that there are a million men out there, you managed to win her over. In only a few months, she’s already stood out among the other girls you’ve dated.

This is only scratching the surface.

There’s always a lot to discover about her. You and your wife may be in the early stages of your relationship, but you have a sneaking feeling that things will progress more quickly than you expected.

With the way you are holding hands, your instincts might be right on this one.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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