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7 Ways to Win Over Filipino Women

A photo of a foreign man socializing with Filipino women Win over Filipino women in 7 simple ways.

Filipino women are no doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world.

They have the sophistication of Western women, as well as the warm and loving hearts of Asian ladies. As a result, thousands of men continue to travel to the Philippines in search of an ideal lifetime partner.

Filipinas, for one, are like roses. They can entice you with their beauty and woo you with their endearing nature, but once they realize you are not sincere, then expect to get hurt by their thorns.

It is part of the identity of women in the Philippines to be considered warriors in their own right. In the past, the country had a matriarchal society where women were domineering over the men.

As such, the Philippines is one of the few Asian countries in which women are seen as a symbol of strength and independence, with many of them leading their countries in politics, or any other domestic and familial relations.

Despite their reputation, Filipino women are shy, lovable, and will mostly keep to themselves when faced with someone as unfamiliar as a foreign man. These traits make them very ideal brides – a complete package considering they are also a fierce protector of the family, and sweet-natured when it comes to nurturing their loved ones.

That being said, online dating has paved the way for foreign men to find a suitable Filipina partner. It is also very common these days to see Filipino women dating foreign men.

If you are determined to get into a serious relationship with one, then here are 7 ways to help make winning her over a lot easier:

  1. Be open-minded.
  2. The fact that you and the Filipina you are interested in have two completely different cultures, you will need to keep an open mind to certain behaviors and traditions that you may find out of the ordinary.

    Learn about her culture and understand why she acts and thinks the way she does. Doing so will give you a better understanding of her traditions and traits.

  3. Get along with her family.
  4. Filipinos, like most Asians, have a very tightly knit family relationship.

    Here is where you can say that blood is indeed thicker than water. Filipinas are willing to sacrifice being away from their family for the sake of having a better future, which is why you will see a lot of them working overseas. They are not there because they want to, rather, they are there because they want their family to have a brighter future.

    As much as possible, try to get along with her family. If you are looking forward to being with a Filipina in the long run, getting along with her family as early as possible will make winning her over easier for you.

  5. Treat her with respect.
  6. There is one thing that all Filipina women expect from the men who want to court them, and that is to give them respect.

    They are, after all, human beings, despite having a different race. A relationship with a Filipino woman that is based on respect is a relationship that will stand the test of time. Trust us, doing so will earn you her undying loyalty and support.

    There is a stereotype that has been thrown out there about Philippine women, and that is that they are opportunistic and can be bought by money. This is not the case. Only a negligible percentage of all Filipino women fall under this stereotype, and it is important to know that money isn’t the best way to get one to fall in love with you, respect is.

  7. Do not argue.
  8. Filipinas are born warriors, and what’s more, they are not dumb to not know what is right from wrong.

    If you ever find yourself in an argument with a Filipino woman, it is best to drop the argument, reconcile, and make her feel that her opinions matter. Arguing while emotions are high will get you nowhere. Rest assured, once everything settles down, and if she did get out of line, she will realize her mistake and try to make amends with you.

  9. Learn her language.
  10. Filipino women love a man who makes an effort to impress them. That effort can be in the form of learning their language.

    While it is not that easy to learn a foreign language, you can at least try to learn words or phrases that will make a Filipina woman’s heart melt.

    Take note that in the Philippines, there are at least five local dialects that people from different regions speak, so it is important to know what her local dialect is before trying to learn it. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and learn tagalog, which is the country’s national language.

    Don’t worry about sounding silly, either. What’s important is that you show her that you are willing to learn something as difficult as her native tongue just to put a smile on her face.

  11. Give her time, not gifts.
  12. Most Western men who date beautiful Filipino women make the mistake of showering them with material gifts.

    While these gifts are greatly appreciated, a relationship that is based solely on gift-giving, especially expensive ones, is never a healthy one. Instead, invest in time.

    Spend a great deal of your time with her and she will realize that you are sincere with your intentions. While gifts may be expensive, time is always priceless.

  13. Accept her flaws.
  14. We are only human, and Filipinas are no exception.

    As human as we are, there are bound to be qualities or traits that we do not like. Despite having traits you consider not to be ideal, seeing her positive side should be your priority. After all, if you expect to find a woman who is perfect, you will end up spending an entire lifetime searching for one, and even then, you still won’t be able to find her.

    What you can do is build on her flaws, which means that you should be the one to help her change for the better and get over those negative traits she has.

Filipino Women Are Worth the Effort

Keep these important tips in mind and you’ll find how easy it is to win over Filipino women. You don’t have to follow every single one of these points, any one of them will do. As long as you have the right amount of dedication and effort, it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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