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How to Meet Single Filipino Women on Valentine’s Day

smiling woman lying on hammock Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to try dating Filipinas.

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re looking for a date on Valentine’s Day - with a highlighted focus on Filipino women. Maybe you have friends who’ve dated Filipinos. You’ve heard them say how wonderful these women are and how vastly better they are compared to their ex-girlfriends.

You may have felt a twinge of envy and thought to yourself, “Where can I meet Filipino women like that?”

Many men can’t deny that they generally find Filipino women attractive for many good reasons. One, they’re exotic and beautiful. Two, many Filipino women are quite conservative. That means no sex on the first date, while for some, before marriage. Three, many of them make great domestic partners.

It’s especially difficult to find a Filipina to ask out on a date when it’s almost Valentine’s Day. The relentless pressure of finding a date on the most romantic day of the year can be exhausting. Good thing there are several ways you can still find one, whether it be online or offline.

With such an abundance of good-quality traits, it’s no wonder beautiful Filipino women are highly sought after by men in other countries.

If you’re on the lookout for single Filipino women, here are a couple of places you can try:

Online dating apps

If you want to date attractive Filipino women without traveling to the Philippines, then dating apps are the way to go. Because of the pandemic, there’s been an increase of single Filipinas leaning towards online dating apps as a means to find a romantic partner.

It’s convenient for both parties and also a safe way for Filipinas to interact with men they’re not familiar with. There are several free dating apps that offer free registrations, and if you want additional benefits, they also offer a paid version.

Generally, you’ll meet three types of Pinays online.

The first one could be looking for a long-term commitment. Raised in a Catholic country, many Pinays dream of finding someone who can support them and someone who wants to start a family once they’re married. Some of them also exhibit traditional female roles such as taking care of you or taking the mantle of household responsibilities.

The other type is someone who likes to fool around and just have fun. Typically, these are younger Pinays who want a little bit of excitement in their love life. As a single foreign man, your nationality might be enough to attract these types of women.

The third one, and the one you’d best avoid, are the gold digger types. They typically shower you with lots of attention and compliments right off the bat. Or imply they’re fine with intimacy in exchange for material incentives. These women are most likely professionals or bar girls. If you’re okay with that, then that’s fine too.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

Network of friends

It’s great having a large network of friends, especially if the men in your circle have Filipina girlfriends. You can use that to your advantage this Valentine’s Day. Ask them if they know anyone in their own social circle who’s also looking for a romantic partner.

Most likely they might have someone already in mind for you. Or if not, they can ask their friends to ask around too, increasing your chances of finding someone you can hit it off with.

The best part of having good connections is that they can vouch for your character. They already know you and what you’re like, so this makes it easier to convince someone they know to meet up with you.

For the woman’s part, she’s also assured that you’re a decent guy and might even share similar relationship goals as you.

Walking around

Not keen on online methods? Well, why not try walking around in your area? According to a 2019 survey of the National Statistics Authority (NSA), there are approximately 1,233,000 Filipino women working abroad.

That means it’s not that difficult to meet Filipino women right in your home country. Some were even able to successfully migrate to a foreign country after years of working abroad. In fact, it’s a popular trend for many Filipinos to migrate outside the Philippines due to more available resources and job opportunities.

So walk around the streets, join volunteer work, or take some hobby classes because there might be a good chance one of the women you’ll encounter is from the Philippines.

If she’s married or already taken, then don’t let that deter you from at least making friends with her. Chances are, she’ll also know a couple of single Filipina ladies back home and wouldn’t mind introducing you to them after getting to know you better.

You might also meet Filipino women on vacation, so why not give them a tour around your town and turn it into a date?

If the blind date doesn’t succeed with the first one, then at least you’ll have other networks that can provide you with other romantic prospects.

All it takes is just looking at every situation from a different angle.

woman walking along a colonial street You might meet Filipino women just by going out on the streets.

What Filipino Women Want

At first glance, you might think that Filipino women want a foreign man who’s rich, has the body of an adonis, and has good looks. But in reality, that’s not true. Despite what many western men think, a lot of Filipino ladies aren’t that superficial.

Many of them would rather choose a man who offers stability and security over physical looks. Another thing is, they’re family-centered. Being raised in a matriarchal culture, many Filipino women developed strong family values. They also embrace the idea of building a family of their own.

So even if you’re an average joe with a thick belly and not rolling in cash - as long as you show them you’re a good person and fun to be around - you don’t have to worry too much about being rejected by single Pinays.

So what are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to try dating Filipinas. There are also lots of single Pinays looking for love. You just have to go and meet them!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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