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5 Ways to Celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month

Move over Valentine’s Day, there’s a new relationship holiday in town and it’s called the National Couple Appreciation Month.

We know there are many special days in a relationship - but a whole month?

That means 4x the date nights and more opportunities to share love and appreciation with each other.

Not many people know about it, so for those who’re scratching their heads wondering what Couple Appreciation Month is all about, it’s a time to revive the romance between you and your significant other.

woman hugging man from behind Set aside some time this April to show appreciation to your partner during the National Couple Appreciation Month.

Founded in 2010, the celebration was invented by Blissful Escapes who “encourage couples to do something special to reinforce and celebrate their relationship.”

When couples and singles first heard about it, they adored the idea and it has caught on ever since then.

Today, couples and singles celebrate National Couple Appreciation Month as a way to express their gratitude towards couple friends and to their significant other.

To get you started, here are a couple of ideas and suggestions:

Spend Quality Time Together

Early in the relationship, you two are tightly bonded with each other. Everything you do feels like an intimate connection but as time passes by, the connection grows weaker.

You end up wanting to spend time away from each other to pursue your own hobbies. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The key is striking a balance.

Remember to make each other a top priority when you both plan to spend quality time together.

For example, have you and your partner been talking about taking a weekend trip somewhere all by yourselves? Going on a trip together this April is bound to strengthen your bond together.

You get to do something new, exciting, and adventurous together.

Reconnect Emotionally and Physically

Relationships are like tides. They have their high seasons and their low seasons. Sometimes the tide can get so threateningly low that you start to panic. This happens because you might no longer feel a deep connection with your partner.

You may not be connected with each other as emotionally or as physically as before. A loss of emotional or physical connection is also one of the reasons why some marriages end.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to take some time off from your busy schedule and reconnect.

Try doing these:

  • Offer compliments. Shower them with genuine compliments as often as you can.
  • Stay curious. Show genuine interest in the events going on in their lives.
  • Make your partner laugh. Do fun activities together that ensure smiles and as much laughter as possible.
  • Prioritize sexual satisfaction. Remember to meet your partner’s needs and your own in a loving and respectful manner.
  • Cheer each other on. Be there for each other and have your partner’s back.

When you think about all the good things your partner does, don’t you feel grateful to have them in your life? They choose to be with you every single day. So maybe it’s time to return the favor.

Create New Memories

Creating new memories is a great way to celebrate your relationship. The happier the memories, the stronger the bonds between you and your partner.

Couples do it all the time, from doing mundane things to hanging out and loving each other.

However, deliberately creating happy memories with your partner is better than making memories without thinking about it at all.

So how do you create new happy memories with your significant other?

You can start with these ideas:

  • Make time for dates. Enjoy the moments of being together in a quiet place where you can be comfortable together.
  • Exercise together. You can motivate each other and push each other to become more physically fit.
  • Travel to new places together. The whole experience of going on a trip together will definitely give you guys some good memories.
  • Change bedtime routines. Before going to bed, add some novelty to create a unique bedtime routine like sharing showers from time to time, or playing video games before going to bed.
  • Practice loving communication. Develop the communication skills that show you respect and value your partner’s feelings and opinions.

As long as the foundation of love exists, it’s easy to create new happy memories and the rest is easy to follow.

Learn Something New Together

Truth be told, trying new things together with your partner is a great way to keep your relationship feeling fresh and fun. We love the idea of spending time together with our partners. It’s a great bonding experience.

A good start would be to set goals together. You can both sit down and brainstorm on what kind of couple goals you want to achieve for this year.

Goals like health, relationship satisfaction, education, business, anything and everything that affects your relationship life.

Additionally, setting goals as a couple can help pull you closer especially if marriage comes into the picture. Because marriage without goals will most likely end with couples growing apart and eventually leading to divorce.

Mix Up Your Daily Routine

Nothing cools passion faster than the lack of consistent novelty, the presence of mystery, and playfulness in a relationship.

Couples who feel bored are more likely to seek drama within the relationship to entertain themselves. Additionally, some couples who feel like they’re stuck in a rut might think the relationship isn’t working out anymore.

Mixing up your daily routine and introducing novel ways to spend time together could remedy the situation.

You can also try some of these suggestions:

  • Switch up your date nights
  • Be spontaneous
  • Do volunteer work together
  • Share a few fantasies
  • Get involved with adrenaline rush activities

The main goal is to find a mixed routine that works for both of you.

It’s the Little Things

To borrow a quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr., “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

Because in this modern world, it’s difficult to keep a romantic relationship strong. Break-ups happen when things don’t work out. Couples cheat on each other for the sake of relieving their boredom.

man woman walking on the beach Celebrate your relationship this April by being emotionally and physically intimate with your partner.

That’s why it’s important to celebrate your relationship each step of the way. Sooner or later, you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve gone with your partner.

With so much shared history between you two, you end up feeling grateful for all the things they did for you. It’s always the littlest things from your partner that count.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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