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Filipino Foods You Should Try While Dating Filipinas

Man and woman touching foreheads. Grab a bite of FIlipino food when dating Filipinas. | Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

A lot of guys want to go around dating stunning Filipinas and there’s a lot of good reasons for that. One thing about dating Filipinas is that there will be a lot of eating involved because Filipinos love to eat.

The Philippines has its own culinary tradition that is a mixture of native fare, the kind of food that pre-colonial Filipinos would nosh on, and Spanish fare, which makes a good deal of sense as the Philippines is a former Spanish colony. So any foreigner that is going to come to the Philippines in order to initiate the phenomenon of Filipina dating foreigner should be ready for that kind of food.

Filipino cuisine tends to be somewhat sweeter than what most Westerners are likely used to, so a foreigner who comes to the country to date Filipinas should pack their sweet tooth with them because it’s going to be pretty necessary.

Now, Filipino food can also be pretty rich. Filipinos do love their meats and their carbs. In fact, generous portions of carbohydrates are served with pretty much every single meal. Asia in general is a haven for anyone who loves their carbs and Filipinos are not going to be all that different from their continental counterparts.

There are a lot of dishes that a visitor should make a point to try out when they find themselves in the Philippines.

  • Street Dumplings
  • The Philippines has a considerable demographic of Filipinos with Chinese ancestry. In fact, the oldest Chinatown in the world is located in the Philippines. So there will be some Chinese influence in the way Filipinos feed themselves.

    A popular type of street food is siomai, steamed pork dumplings that are part of traditional Chinese cuisine. The Filipino variety is a little different, with sometimes having a slightly tangier flavor that’s different from what is served in parts of China.

  • Lechon
  • One particular Filipino dish that is almost always a crowd pleaser is the lechon, a roast suckling pig, which holds a somewhat similar place in Filipino society that turkey does in American society in that the lechon is usually the centerpiece of a spread, the main course and everything else is just a side dish.

    But while turkey is associated with a specific holiday and maybe Christmas as well, lechon is not associated with one particular holiday but is rather associated with holidays in general. Any type of special occasion; Christmas, birthdays, local festivals, and the like will more than likely feature a lechon.

    Filipino dating will more than likely feature the consumption of lechon at some point, so anyone who loves pork is probably going to seriously enjoy themselves.

  • The Other Type of Lechon
  • But while regular lechon is associated with special occassions, there’s a different type of lechon that’s a little more available. Lechon kawali is a variant that is deep fried but is also not similar.

    While regular lechon uses a whole pig that is roasted over a fire, kawali is deep fried in a pan over a wok and uses cuts of seasoned pork belly as opposed to a whole pig. It’s served as part of a regular meal and can be purchased at many restaurants.

  • Lechon manok
  • Dating Filipinas does not just mean eating pork. It also means eating some other type of food every now and then. Sometimes, there are other types of meat that get consumed, meat that is not pork.

    Another popular dish that is eaten in droves in the Philippines is lechon manok, which is similar to regular lechon except that instead of a pig cooked over a fire, it’s a chicken cooked over a fire.

    This isn’t some plump bird that gets deep fried or baked in an oven. Filipino chickens tend to be pretty lean and gamey, which means that while the familiar taste of chicken will be there, there will be an undercurrent, a hint of a different flavor.

  • Chorizo
  • A lot of Filipino foods have Spanish influences or will be straight up Spanish in origin. One of those Spanish transplants is the chorizo, a type of sausage that is somewhat sweeter than the savory types of sausage, at least that’s how it is in the Philippines.

  • Pasta
  • Asia uses a lot of noodle dishes and the Philippines is no different. One dish that the Philippines put its own twist on is spaghetti. While other countries may use a savory sauce and meatballs to season their noodles, Filipinos will be a bit different.

    Filipinos will use a slightly sweeter sauce, and instead of meatballs, Filipinos will garnish their spaghetti with either minced beef or with cut-up hotdogs if it’s for children’s parties.

  • Garlic Rice
  • Now, Filipinos love their rice and white rice is pretty great with pretty much every type of meat imaginable, at least according to Filipinos. But Filipinos have also taken rice to a whole other level by frying it with garlic.

    Garlic rice is eaten at all times of day but is a pretty popular staple for Filipinos and breakfast. It can be eaten with eggs or with sisig, which is pork and chicken seasoned with onions, chili, and calamansi.

  • Dessert
  • Of course, it’s not all protein and carbs. Again, Filipinos love their sweets and their desserts are going to be reflective of that. Filipinos have a pretty strong tradition when it comes to their contemporary desserts that they like to enjoy.

    One such dessert is halo halo, which is a Filipino ice cream dish that is so popular that there are some restaurants that built their whole brand identity around their ability to make it better than everyone else.

    Halo-halo is made from ice cream, fruits, cereal, shaved ice, and syrup all mixed together in a bowl. As far as desserts go, it’s pretty popular among Filipinos. So a man who is trying to get with Filipinas is probably going to sample it at some point.

Eating is an important part of the Filipino culture, and is also a pretty essential aspect of dating Filipinas.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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