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Activities All Filipino Women Love to Do

Couple paragliding Filipino women love adventure. Take your relationship to the next level by doing these activities! | Photo by Russ Jani from Pexels

How do you sweep Filipino women off their feet? Flowers? Chocolates? These could nudge, but if you want a great impact in her heart, you should check out these things to do in the Philippines with your Filipina date:

  • Island Hopping
  • You will never run short of beaches in the Philippines. The country has over 7,000 islands, and most of these are surrounded by white-sand beaches and clear turquoise water. Although you can rarely find a bad beach in the Philippines, a lot of these beaches have something different compared to others. Some offer nightlife, some offer water sports, and some have been preserved and can be enjoyed in their natural selves.

    Have a drink or two and watch the fire dancers at night in Boracay. Conquer the waves in Siargao and Baler, Aurora. Stare at the picturesque sceneries in Palawan and schedule a day tour to the remote islands. Enjoy Palaui Island’s raw beauty. Feel the Survivor experience in Caramoan. Live the countryside life in Panglao. Own Davao’s private island, The Island Buenavista, for a weekend.

    Wherever you are, Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, there is always someplace great for island hopping.

  • Visit Man-Made Attractions
  • Natural wonders are rampant in the Philippines. But the country also boasts of sights created by man that tell a lot about the country’s culture and heritage.

    Learn about the ancient Igorot burial tradition through visiting the Hanging Coffins in Sagada. Explore the remnants of the war in Corregidor Island. Take pictures of Bangui Windmills in Ilocos. Be inside the Walled City of Manila, Intramuros. Have a road trip along the longest bridge in the Philippines, San Juanico. Be captivated by the ancient Banaue Rice Terraces, the Eighth Wonder of the World.

    These man-made places hold stories that mold Filipinos. Visiting these spots will help you get to know your date more.

  • Join Festivals
  • Because of the Filipinos’ religious roots, festivals have existed. These celebrations have become part of their lives. Pretty much every month has a scheduled festival in the country. So if you are dating a Filipina, join in any of the biggest festivals.

    In January, be in Aklan for the Ati-Atihan or in Cebu for Sinulog or in Iloilo for Dinagyang. Ride a hot air balloon during the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga or celebrate the Season of Blooming through Baguio’s Panagbenga in February. During the Holy Week, either March or April, travel to Marinduque for the Moriones Festival. The festival for a bountiful harvest, Pahiyas, happens in May in Lucban, Quezon. Honor the ancient tattooed warriors through Tacloban’s Pintados Festival in June. Fly to Davao for the Kadayawan Festival in August. Wear your mask in Bacolod’s Masskara Festival in October. Watch the parade of giant papier-mâché puppets during Angono’s Higantes Festival in November.

    Schedule your visit to the Philippines during these months to experience grandiose celebrations that Filipinos prepare for months ahead.

  • Food Trip
  • Filipinos love food, and they are proud of their cuisine. What’s not to love? Filipinos have adventurous palates, and you will notice this once you get a taste of their cooking. They have spicy food, grilled food, deep-fried food, food with curry, and even raw food.

    Lechon should be on your bucket list when you visit the country. You have to know why Anthony Bourdain said it is the best pig ever. You can also try other variants of cooking pork, such as adobo (stewed pork with garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce), sinigang (sour pork soup), or sisig (fried pork bits from chopped pig’s face).

    Street food is almost in every corner. You should never miss trying out the favorites, namely, kwek-kwek (deep-fried hard-boiled quail eggs in orange batter), isaw (barbecued chicken intestines), or adidas (barbecued chicken feet).

    If you have not tried these, then you have never been in the Philippines.

  • Experience the Nightlife
  • Nightlife in the Philippines is alive. Whether at the beach, a pub, or even on the streets, Filipinos know how to party. You can find numerous clubs that offer parties you will never regret.

    With your Filipina date, you can do a pub crawl so you can explore a lot of bars in one night. You can also visit wine bars for a relaxing evening. In summer, join a beach party. Rooftop bars are also good spots for a night out. So wear your dancing shoes, and have fun until the sun rises.

  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Filipinas are known to be active and outdoorsy women. They love adventure. You do not need to take her to fancy restaurants. Sometimes, outdoor activities can be romantic too.

    Witness the sardine run in Moalboal. Explore the cave system in Samar and Sagada. Dive and see the shipwrecks in Coron. Face your fear through skydiving in Zambales. Swim with the sea turtles in Apo Island. Get up close with thresher sharks in Malapascua. See the world from above by riding an ultralight aircraft in Davao. Climb one of the highest mountains in the country, Mount Pulag.

    There are a lot of adventurous things to do in the Philippines that you should try when dating a Filipina. Brave these and win the heart of your date.

  • Ride the Jeepney
  • This is the simplest but the best way to get to know about the Filipino culture. While the Philippines have numerous modes of transportation, the jeepney is still one of the most utilized. This is because it is the most affordable and most accessible. The fare, depending on the distance, starts from US$0.18 up to US$0.24, which is really cheap compared to other modes of transportation.

    The iconic jeepney can accommodate up to 20 people. It can drop you off anywhere—some can take you right outside your destination, but if that is not possible, you have to tell the driver or the barker to drop you off nearby. You have to be mindful and awake so you would not miss your stop.

    Jeepney is a portmanteau of “jeep” and “jitney” and originated from the US military jeeps left from the Second World War. This historic mode of transportation has been improved throughout the years, and now, modern jeepneys with CCTV, GPS, and Wi-Fi are being manufactured.

    Although the country has been open to changes in improving the mode of transportation, the flamboyant jeepney will always be a memento of the Filipinos and the country’s symbol. So when you are in the Philippines, live like a local and visit places by riding a jeepney.

  • Spend Time with Her Family
  • You should know that Filipinos are close to their families. When you are dating a Filipina, spending time with her parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and even close friends of the family is expected from you. Doing so can increase your chances of being accepted in the family. If you really love the Filipina you are dating, then you need the approval of pretty much the whole clan.

    However, what matters most is that you spend time with her. One of the Filipino women characteristics is giving love unconditionally, and she deserves to feel that too, as all women do. No matter where you go or what you do, make sure you make her feel loved. Make more memories together through these activities all Filipino women would love to do.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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