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Our Philippine video series is back! Each month right here you will be able to view a NEW video episode each from our Cebu and Davao offices. That's two new exciting viceo episodes EACH MONTH (one from Cebu and one from Davao). It's a lot of work and expense for our staffs to bring these videos to you each month. We don't do it JUST for men who participate in our service. We do it for the WOMEN as well. They constantly tell us that they "want to meet more men!" - "There is not enough men!" If we can help the men visualize what they are missing, then maybe we can help the women MEET MORE MEN! You can't marry the women unless you meet them. Make the decision to go today! It's a decision to take an incrediblly exciting adventure that you will never regret!

To view our "Philippine Weekly" archieved episodes CLICK HERE!

WARNING: Watching these videos will make you wish you were there!
Would YOU like to be able to attend the shooting of Philippine Weekly? You gotta be there!

ALL NEW - Philippine Monthly Video Episodes From Cebu And Davao!

Click on the episode that you want to view. Newest releases are at the top.

From Cebu: Meet Summer Beauty In Cebu Philippines
Hot and wild under the sun.Are you in?

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As what they say, you will never know unless you try. Hot cebu ladies are here waiting for true loves first kiss and they are Cebu's summer beauty.
Sounds like a fairytale? Well worry not since these maybe the only fairytale that really does come true! So hurry now and make a move, book your tickets and feel the warmth of a Filipina!
From Davao: Feel the heat of the hottest Davao Women in the Philippines
6 Davao Women that will surely make you sweat because of their hotness!

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Meet and greet these Hot Davao Women personally!!! They are not just sexy. They are not just hot. They are not just beautiful. These Women are extremely worth loving for! They got exceptional personalities you wish to have as your future lifetime partner! They are genuine and faithful so long as you will love and take care of them genuinely as well! These women are sincere about what they want in life. And they want to find their lifetime partner! It could be you! So don't be skeptical about coming here in Davao, Philippines! It's all worth it! Book now!
From Cebu: Sexy And Beautiful Filipina's Are Waiting For You.
Want to see them in person? Sign up for a tour in Cebu this August.

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Sexy, beautiful and marriage material, do we need to say more? Stunning ladies from Cebu will surely sweep you off your feet and they are giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them in Cebu this August 2017. So don't waste time, get to know them better and start your travel plans now!
From Davao: Hot Davao summer, hot as the Davao Ladies!
7 Sizzling Davao Ladies and a sneak peek of the two lovely couples.

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Does "real love" exist? Let this two lovely couples show it to you
and let you realize to continue dreaming about having a lifetime partner, Don't stop
believing and start searching until you find the right one, Meet these 7 sizzling Davao
Ladies that will surely melt your heart! They are genuine, sincere, and real Davao
Ladies looking for the love of their lives, One of them could make your dream come
true, So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to visit them here in Davao,
Philippines, Book a flight now and everything will be worth it!
From Cebu: Starting A New Year With A Philippine Singles Tour
Is there any REAL reason to wait? A recap of our Janurary singles tour..

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Too many Philippine women but too few men and that's too good to be true - for YOU! Welcome to our Philippine singles tour in Cebu City, a place
where the food is great, the culture is awesome, and these Philippine women are much more amazing than what you ever dreamed of. So quit daydreaming and plan your trips, our ladies are anxious to know you better and meet you in person. Then make your reservation to actually experience it!
From Davao: A Date to remember in Davao! Meet 10 Davao Women!
Ten stunning women at a stunning Philippine beach setting introduce themselves.

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Women waiting in Davao, do you think anyone of this Ladies will become your potential partner? Meet these 10 Davao women in a wonderful island beach setting classic to the Philippines. And there's hundreds of more Davao women just waiting to meet you. Make your reservation and start contacting them today!
From Cebu: Good Things Happen To Those Who Believe
See what you're missing? A recap of our August singles adventure..

Watch This Video
A group of lucky guys are here to experience the love and affection of a Filipina Cebu woman. Not only does the grandeur of Cebu city captivate our handsome guests but also the sight of beautiful women surrounding them makes them not wanting to go home. Amongst others, these guys were once doubtful about coming to the Philippines but the moment they took the fear out of themselves;
no words could explain how delighted they were with this once in a lifetime experience. We won't live forever so please spread this video and decide for yourselves. Don't wait to meet these Cebu women again!

Watch Every Month For New Video Episodes From Cebu and Davao!

To view our "Philippine Weekly" archieved episodes CLICK HERE!

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